What is Eggspress?

This is a brand new Eggspress site! Come back soon for more content on this page.

If you're the author:

You can find this page in my_pages as about.md. In the frontmatter, you'll notice that there is this field, sidebar: "eggspress-links". This means that this page should display a sidebar with data stored in my_sidebars/eggspress_links.md.

Below the sidebar key is an entry weight: 50. The higher the weight, the lower this page will appear in a list of pages. If you create a new page with weight: 20 for example, that new page will appear above this page.

To adjust how custom pages are sorted, open my_settings/appearance.md and update orderPagesBy. By default, it is set to "alphabetical", but this can be changed to "weight" or "date". You can reverse the sorting order by setting orderPagesByReversed to true.

The default settings for custom pages sorting are:

orderPagesBy: "alphabetical"
orderPagesByReversed: false
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